Borrow a Wi-Fi Hotspot

WHATHotspot with unlimited data
HOW LONG – 2 week loan (no renewals)
WHERE – All three of our libraries
HOWRequest online, wait for us to notify you that it's ready, then pick it up at the Jones Library Reference Desk [hours], the Munson Memorial Library [hours], or the North Amherst Library [hours

With our Wi-Fi Hotspot lending program, we are able to extend free internet access to patrons beyond our library buildings. Hotspots can be borrowed from all three of our libraries by any CW MARS cardholder who is at least 18 years of age and has a library card in good standing. Hotspots can be borrowed for 2 weeks and cannot be renewed.

A hotspot provides unlimited data for up to 10 connected devices. Each hotspot kit contains a hotspot device, a charging cable, and a protective case.
Franklin T9 Wi-Fi Hotspot
Request a Wi-Fi Hostpot
T-Mobile provides the devices, the network, and the technical support for this program. Library staff are available to assist patrons who need help requesting a hotspot.

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (below).
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