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  1. Ask a Librarian

    Get help from our librarians

  2. Expired Jones Library Card Renewal or Information Update

    Request that we renew your expired library card or update your contact information

  3. Jones Book of the Month Club - Registration Form

    Register to get books handpicked for you by our team

  4. Online Services Suggestion Box

    Let us know what you think about our website & online services

  5. Print from Home / Pick Up at Jones

    Send us your documents and pick up your printout at the Jones Library

  6. Reading Recommendations for Kids and Teens

    Get personalized reading suggestions from our youth services librarians

  7. Report a Problem

    Contact us if you're having trouble using our website or our online tools

  8. Solicitud de Tarjeta de Biblioteca

    Regístrese para obtener una tarjeta de la biblioteca (solo para residentes de Amherst)

  9. Your Comments & Ideas about our Building Project

    Help us brainstorm the future of the Jones Library!

  1. Book Bundle Request

    Request a bundle of books selected for you by our team

  2. Jones Book of the Month Club - Feedback Form

    Help us select the best books for you (for club members only)

  3. Jones Library Card Application

    Register for a library card (Amherst residents only)

  4. Personalized Reading List Request

    Get personalized reading suggestions from our librarians

  5. Purchase Suggestion

    Think we should own an item? Submit a purchase suggestion

  6. Renovación de Tarjeta de Biblioteca Vencida o Actualización de Datos

    Solicite que renovemos su tarjeta de biblioteca vencida o actualicemos su información de contacto

  7. Solicitud de paquete de libros

    Solicitar un paquete de libros seleccionados para usted por nuestro equipo

  8. Submit Your Jones Library Story

    Share your stories about the Jones Library as we celebrate our 100th anniversary!

  9. Zine Club Submission