What kinds of things are you looking for?

You can document any aspects of your life during this time, especially with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, that you feel comfortable sharing. Our form allows you to remain anonymous. You can also keep a journal, write poems or stories, create art, write or record music, create video or audio recordings, or take photographs. We’re interested in almost anything that helps to document the Amherst community during these times. If you email or mail us your responses and wish to remain anonymous, please make your choice clear. Don’t worry - we are not going to judge anyone on spelling or grammar!

Note: Please do not include any identifiable medical information about yourself or others.  

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1. What kinds of things are you looking for?
2. Do you have to be an Amherst resident?
3. Can submissions be anonymous?
4. Can my submissions remain private for a certain length of time?
5. Are there limits to the amount of times that I can submit?
6. Will my submissions be made public immediately?
7. What will you do with these submissions?
8. When will you stop taking submissions?
9. What if I'm not sure what I have is worth collecting?