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Paper College Workshop
by Samuel Price

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A true workshop book with clear instructions and visuals for every step along the way. Simple projects to start, progressing to striking animal portraits.

Picture This: How Pictures Work
by Molly Bang

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Ever wonder what the Little Red Riding Hood story might look like as an abstract picture book? This book explains story structure and how design elements impact emotions. Includes simple exercises for you to explore these concepts using construction paper and simple shapes.

Color In and Out of the Garden: Watercolor Practices for Painters, Gardeners, and Nature Lovers

by Lorene Edwards Forkner

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A professional gardner creates a daily watercolor art practice to help her grieve after the death of her father. Part journal with a little watercolor instruction and a lot of gorgeous plants and vibrant colors.

How to Paint Abstracts

(Pocket Art Guides)

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This modest book combines just the right amount of definitions, history, instruction, and examples. Also includes some featured artists and instructions for painting in their style.

If You Can Cut, You Can Collage: From Paper Scraps to Works of Art

by Hollie Chastain

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An excellent introduction to collage for beginners. Includes instructions on painting your own paper and present composition principles simply and with visual examples.