Translations and Explanations of the N-400 Application Questions and 100 Civics Questions

100 Civics questions and answers

  • Most applicants will take the citizenship test in English, so it is important to practice for the test in English. But you will probably understand  the questions and answers better if you read them first in your home language. USCIS's translations of the 100 civics questions are available in six languages. USAHello's translations of the 100 civics questions are available in several additional languages.  CLINIC has a collection of translations in even more languages - scroll down to “translations by community organizations” and then “click to download resource.”

N-400 Citizenship application

  • Although you must submit your application on the official USCIS form in English, it is very helpful to see a translation of the questions so that you can be sure that you clearly understand what each question means. ILRC's collection of N-400 translations are provided by a variety of community-based organizations.
  • Another helpful resource is USAHello's explanations of tricky vocabulary words on the citizenship application. An examiner might ask you to explain some of these words (in English) at your interview.
  • Recently some applicants have been asked to define vocabulary words in part 12 of the citizenship application. Although examiners should not require students to define difficult terms in this section, students may want to prepare themselves for this possibility. This download offers a simple way to explain the tricky vocabulary in each question in part 12.