Black Lives Matter Book of the Week

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We are excited to offer this weekly feature and to share a wide array of books about Black lives in America. Each month we will promote a variety of recent books for adults, young adults, and children. We hope that by bringing these books to our readers' attention we can start to contribute to the nationwide conversation that is occurring.

You can select a book below to read a brief description of it and to find available formats.
  1. Day for Rememberin
  2. Body Liberation Project
  3. we werent looking to be found
  4. Wounded World
  5. Freewater
  6. Odyssey of Phillis Wheatley
  7. we are all so good at smiling
  8. Reparations Now
  9. Revolutionary Women
  10. H is for Harlem
  11. Education of Kendrick Perkins
  12. Lifting as We Climb
  13. Love and Justice
  14. Standing in the Need of Prayer
  15. Blk Art
  16. Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute
  17. Master Slave Husband Wife
  18. choosing brave
  19. Previously Owned
  20. Upper World
  21. Grimkes
  22. AphroChic
  23. Real Santa
  24. Under the Skin
  25. How You Grow Wings
  26. Light We Carry
  27. Magnolia Flower
  28. Running While Black
  29. Halfway Home
  30. Root Magic
  31. My People
  32. Inheritance
  33. Against the Hounds of Hell
  34. Black Skinhead
  35. Raising Antiracist Children
  36. We Refuse to Forget
  37. The Hate U Give
  38. My Remarkable Journey
  39. Hurricane Child
  40. Constructing a Nervous System
  41. Kings of BMore
  42. Love and Justice
  43. Agent Josephine
  44. Only Black Girls in Town
  45. Miss Chloe
  46. Planeta Blu
  47. Black Food
  48. My Rainbow
  49. On Juneteenth
  50. Troublemaker for Justice
  51. Black History Book
  52. Clean Getaway
  53. Racism Not Race
  54. Black Girl Unlimited
  55. Torn Apart
  56. Finding Me
  57. The Me I Choose to Be
  58. White Lies
  59. Me (Moth)
  60. Black Joy
  61. This Book is Feminist
  62. Allow Me to Retort
  63. Feminist AF
  64. Chasing Me to My Grave
  65. Recognize
  66. How to Make a Slave
  67. Cant Stop Wont Stop
  68. Angela Davis:  An Autobiography
  69. One Last Word
  70. Reclamation
  71. Black Birds in the Sky
  72. Our African Unconscious
  73. The People Remember
  74. How the Word Is Passed
  75. song below water
  76. Rage of Innocence
  77. Molly of Denali
  78. We Were There
  79. Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians But Were Afraid to Ask
  80. Read Until You Understand
  81. Algorithms of Oppression
  82. White Smoke
  83. Breaking it Down
  84. Sprouting Wings
  85. You Can Keep that to Yourself
  86. Parker Inheritance
  87. All That She Carried
  88. Long Way Down
  89. We Are Each Other&#39s Harvest
  90. King of Kindergarten
  91. Disordered Cosmos
  92. Blackout
  93. You ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey
  94. One Drop
  95. Tristan Strong
  96. Notes from a Young Black Chef
  97. A Blade So Black
  98. Better Not Bitter
  99. When Aidan Became a Brother
  100. How We Fight for Our Lives
  101. All Boys Aren&#39t Blue
  102. Ground Breaking
  103. Our Skin
  104. Caste
  105. Tell Me Who You Are
  106. Surviving the White Gaze
  107. History of the Black Population of Amherst
  108. Parenting for Liberation
  109. Age of Phillis
  110. Every Body Looking
  111. Time to Teach
  112. Freedom Over Me
  113. Grieving While Black
  114. Concrete Rose
  115. The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  116. Four Hundred Souls
  117. The Oldest Student
  118. Bingo Love
  119. My Grandmother&#39s Hands
  120. Do Lord Remember Me
  121. The Home Place
  122. Black Enough
  123. The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X
  124. You Can Keep That to Yourself
  125. King and the Dragon Flies
  126. The Beauty in Breaking
  127. The Truths We Hold
  128. An Indigenous Peoples&#39 History of the United States for Young People
  129. Race After Technology
  130. From Here to Equality - Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century
  131. The City We Became
  132. Dread Nation
  133. Farming While Black
  134. Say Her Name
  135. Vanguard
  136. Towers Falling
  137. Memorial Drive
  138. One Crazy Summer
  139. Brother Robert by Annye C. Anderson - An intimate memoir by blues legend Robert Johnson’s stepsister
  140. Gordon Parks
  141. March - Book 3 161x235.jpg
  142. This Is Major
  143. Stamped
  144. Horace Pippin

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