Black Lives Matter Book of the Week

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We are excited to offer this weekly feature and to share a wide array of books about Black lives in America. Each month we will promote a variety of recent books for adults, young adults, and children. We hope that by bringing these books to our readers' attention we can start to contribute to the nationwide conversation that is occurring.

You can select a book below to read a brief description of it and to find available formats.
  1. One Drop
  2. Tristan Strong
  3. Notes from a Young Black Chef
  4. A Blade So Black
  5. Better Not Bitter
  6. When Aidan Became a Brother
  7. How We Fight for Our Lives
  8. All Boys Aren&#39t Blue
  9. Ground Breaking
  10. Our Skin
  11. Caste
  12. Tell Me Who You Are
  13. Surviving the White Gaze
  14. History of the Black Population of Amherst
  15. Parenting for Liberation
  16. Age of Phillis
  17. Every Body Looking
  18. Time to Teach
  19. Freedom Over Me
  20. Grieving While Black
  21. Concrete Rose
  22. The Black Church: This is Our Story, This is Our Song by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  23. Four Hundred Souls
  24. The Oldest Student
  25. Bingo Love
  26. My Grandmother&#39s Hands
  27. Do Lord Remember Me
  28. The Home Place
  29. Black Enough
  30. The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X
  31. You Can Keep That to Yourself
  32. King and the Dragon Flies
  33. The Beauty in Breaking
  34. The Truths We Hold
  35. An Indigenous Peoples&#39 History of the United States for Young People
  36. Race After Technology
  37. From Here to Equality - Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century
  38. The City We Became
  39. Dread Nation
  40. Farming While Black
  41. Say Her Name
  42. Vanguard
  43. Towers Falling
  44. Memorial Drive
  45. One Crazy Summer
  46. Brother Robert by Annye C. Anderson - An intimate memoir by blues legend Robert Johnson’s stepsister
  47. Gordon Parks
  48. March - Book 3 161x235.jpg
  49. This Is Major
  50. Stamped
  51. Horace Pippin