Antiracism Book List

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There is a large nationwide demand for books on antiracism. Many are on bestseller lists. At the Jones Library and branches, we hope to support our community's search for greater knowledge, perspective, and understanding, at a time when we are reeling from tragedies occurring across the country and a corresponding public outcry.

Here is a selection of recommended titles (for all ages) on topics related to antiracism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and white privilege. You can select a book below to read a brief description of it, find available formats, and place a request.

  1. Running While Black
  2. Under the Skin
  3. Racism Not Race
  4. Caste
  5. You Can Keep That to Yourself
  6. So You Want to Talk about Race
  7. When They Call You a Terrorist
  8. They Can&#39t Kill Us All
  9. The New Jim Crow
  10. White Rage
  11. How to Be an Antiracist
  12. Stamped from the Beginning
  13. The Fire Next Time
  14. The Fire This Time
  15. Between the World and Me
  16. Citizen
  17. From Here to Equality
  18. White Fragility
  19. A Terrible Thing to Waste
  20. Me and White Supremacy
  21. When They Come for You
  22. The Black and the Blue