Current In-Person Exhibit - NEW!

We have resumed our in-person gallery exhibits, in addition to our separate virtual exhibits.

Pastel & Oil Landscapes by Stephanie Vignone
On display in the gallery: October 2 - 30, 2022

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These paintings were done over the past two years. They are mostly local sites, ranging from Mount Toby to the Conservation Area in Montague center.

I began painting landscapes after impulsively signing up for a pastel landscape class at the Guild in Northampton about twenty years ago. I immediately loved landscapes, and although I have branched out from there, nature continues to be my most consistent subject. Some of these paintings were completed on site, some were begun outdoors and finished in studio. Others were done entirely in the studio, based on observation, photographs, and sketches. Most of the works included here are pastels, but several are done in oil.

I love to spend time outdoors, and feel lucky to live somewhere so rural, where the woods are accessible and I can get out most days. Painting the things I see when I am outdoors gives me a deeper way to connect with them and continues to be one of the joys of my life.

You can see more of my paintings, as well as contact me, on my website –

Paint • Paper • Scissors
Original Watercolors & Prints by Lois Barber
Papercuts by Doug Wolf

On display in the gallery: October 2 - 30, 2022


Lois Barber’s watercolor paintings celebrate the beauty and wonder of the natural world. She paints mostly ‘plein air’ (outside on location) and her paintings aim to capture the feel of the wind, and sunlight and shadows of the moment. Each painting, with broad strokes of color and attention to detail, is an exploration, meditation, and reflection on a place and time. Her watercolors, whether a celebration of a bouquet of irises or of the quiet stillness of a New England landscape, express her joy and enthusiasm for life.

Doug Wolf creates detailed pictures by cutting and shaping paint chip samples that he bought from a hardware store that went out-of-business. His images range from jazz combos, depression era stories, everyday life, and political commentary. His lifetime of running a production woodworking shop has honed his skills, creativity, and keen sense of design.

Lois and Doug met in the 3rd grade of elementary school and graduated together from high school in Irvington, New Jersey. Lois received her BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University and a MA in Education from the University of British Columbia. Doug received his BA in Philosophy and an MA in American Studies from Seton Hall University. They divide their time between Amherst, Massachusetts and Henderson, Colorado.

For more information, contact: Lois Barber: or Doug Wolf: