Current In-Person Exhibit

We have resumed our in-person gallery exhibits, in addition to our separate virtual exhibits.

Spare by Sara Karz Reid  |  Work by Jon Bander

On display in the gallery: January 3 - 31, 2023

Reception: Thursday, January 5, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

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Sara Karz Reid is a photographer based in Deerfield. She took photography in high school using 35mm SLR cameras, but didn’t return to it until the arrival of the ubiquitous camera phone. After a few years of phone photography she also began using a mirrorless digital camera, and is plotting to resurrect her film camera.

The exhibit, "Spare," is inspired by two near-opposite definitions of the word. "Spare" can mean elegantly simple, without excess. Contrarily, "spare" can also indicate something is extra, or beyond what is necessary. The photographs in this exhibit aspire to embody no fewer than one of these meanings, and sometimes both. Reid's graduate studies in archaeology informed her photographic interest in architectural detail. Over time this has evolved into a focus on compositions that show the everyday in watchful, spare, and sometimes disquieting ways.

To purchase artwork, email Sara Karz Reid at

Jon Bander

The foundation of my art is in repurposing old materials. In this exhibit you will see various creatures I have brought to life using my welding and forging techniques. I enjoy bringing life to old tools, motorcycle parts, and other found materials, combining a passion for art and love for welding. I like finding and using manufactured shapes, placing them in new ways, cutting and welding them into something entirely new and original.

I've been welding since I was 14 and have been working as a sculptor since I was 22. Recently, I completed a commission for the town of Erving, a larger-than-life great blue heron for the Riverfront Park. To see more of my work, find me on Instagram and Facebook @NotoriousWeld and at