Terms of Exhibiting

Neither the Jones Library nor the Burnett Gallery is responsible for the care and safety of the works displayed. For no fee, Encharter Insurance (25 University Drive, Amherst, 549-4971) will provide limited insurance against theft and damage. You must provide a list with the title, size, medium, and the fair market price of the works to be exhibited along with your name, address, and phone number. Submit these materials to the insurance company a week or more before the start of the show. Because the gallery is not staffed, there is risk in showing small pieces. Either do not show pieces that are easily taken, or adhere them to large bases.

A commission of 15% is charged on the sale of works exhibited in the gallery. This fee helps to cover the operating expenses of the gallery. Checks should be made payable to the Jones Library with a notation that the money is for the Burnett Gallery. It is your responsibility to deliver the check to the office manager soon after your show closes, or when sales are complete.

Paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs must be suitably framed and wired to fit on the gallery's hardware in such a way as to present no danger to the viewing public from the work or the way it is hung. Absolutely no nails, tacks, pins, or usual adhesives may be used on the walls. We request that you use only clear or white Avery computer mailing labels that can be removed easily from the painted walls, or Tak brand mounting putty (from Hastings).

Your contact person from the committee can answer questions about policy, installation, care of the gallery, receptions, publicity, etc. If you have not been contacted two and a half months ahead of your show, please call that person. If there is a problem, call the secretary of the Burnett Gallery Committee.

Exhibitors will install and take down their own shows, which are scheduled on a monthly basis. Your show would normally be installed on the first day of the month and removed on the last day of the month. However, if the library is closed then, or if for other reasons, you will be given directions for when to hang your show.

We encourage you to host your opening reception on the first Thursday of the month from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. in conjunction with Amherst's First Thursday Art Walk. No alcohol is allowed in the library. A publicity packet and a mailing list will be made available to you. When you prepare an advertising postcard, please double-check for possible reduction in hours of operation of the library during the summer or as a result of other constraints. Also please note that the gallery closes one half hour before the main floor of the library. Your publicity should reflect the earlier closing time. 

Your signature here confirms that, if you are chosen by the Burnett Gallery Committee for a show, you will exhibit your artwork at the mutually agreed upon time and that you will abide by the terms noted above.

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Please keep a copy of "Terms of Exhibiting" and return another with your application.