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The Jones Library E.S.L. Center is an award winning program providing volunteer tutors, tutoring space, study materials, computer-assisted instruction, citizenship classes, English classes and referrals to adult immigrants in the Amherst area.

A Model in US and Abroad
The ESL Center is the only town (rather than big city) library program named as a model in a special USCIS report, "Library Services for Immigrants: A Report on Current Practices".

"Libraries for All," a current initiative of the European Union, has taken the Jones Library ESL Center up as a model for civic integration efforts at community libraries. Our program has top billing under "best practices" on the EU "Libraries for ALL" home page.

Read the ESL fact sheet to find out more.

Learn more about the Jones Library ESL Program in this video by Amherst Media. This episode of the original series called Celebrating Community visits the Library to learn about its programs and services. The ESL portion begins at approximately 10 minutes 40 seconds.

Presented by Amherst Media

Tutors and Students

Listen to tutors and students talking about their experiences with the E.S.L. tutoring program at the Jones Library. Volunteer to be a tutor.

Interview with Russell Carter

Interview with Linda Xiu

Interview with Bette Abrams-Esche

Interview with Kyung-min Kang

Coordinator: Lynne Weintraub
Phone: 413-259-3093
Email: esl@joneslibrary.org
Office Hours:
Monday 1 - 5 pm
Tuesday - Friday 9 am - 12:30 pm
Donate Now
Catalogue of Philanthropy has selected the ESL Center as a featured charity. Click here to learn more and donate to the ESL Center.

This page last updated on January 28, 2015.